Friday, 8 May 2009

'Em Are I - Jeffrey Lewis

Bought the new Jeffrey Lewis album 'Em Are I this week, nice to see that his profile seems to be on the up in the UK with his album readily available in a number of highstreet stores.

The album itself is very good, maybe not to the level of City and Eastern Songs but certainly a very strong record. City and Easterns more neurotic side has been toned down with laid back tracks like Roll Bus Roll and To Be Objectified seeping through. Jeffrey Lewis very reflective style of lyricism and humour is still very evident with If Life Exists 'girlfriend' lyrics being a great example (have a listen and you'll see what i mean) and as always it this charm that makes his album very listenable.

Broken Broken Heart is one of Jeffrey Lewis's most mainstream efforts to date, a real happy summery feel (albeit still very DIY) and even considering the subject matter it is still very upbeat.

Having seen a few reviews for the album so far i know one of the major critisicms is that this isn't much of departure from previous releases and in a way i can undertand that. However i think that as a) a one man band and b) having vocal range of Jeffrey Lewis you are never going to see any radical changes in the formula (and why would you want that anyway?) So overall i'd say very nice....go and have a listen!

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