Thursday, 30 April 2009

The Slow Blade

I had a wee tip off from a friend about a band called The Slow Blade, a nice little piece of dark indie electronica this one! A number of bands you could compare these too...but i don't do that so i'll leave it as a less shit version of White Lies. Make of that what you will.....and have a listen to She Burns

Emmy The Great Freebie

Click it for a live version of We Almost Has a stuff is good.

Monday, 27 April 2009

The Bridge Gang

After the pretty poor news that Situationists would be splitting i hear some very good news in return. The Bridge Gang have reformed and are giving their brand of indie/pop another go! The band released some stuff on Brille Records a few years ago and i was (and still am) a big fan of track Blue Sky Grey. I love the gruff vocals and the simple, honest but amazingly catchy sound! Go and check it out!

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Saturday, 25 April 2009

We have a Situation here....

..see even my attempt at some cheap punnery falls flat under the news that angular guitar gems Situationists are to split. I have had the pleasure of showcasing the band a few times at my night and am a big fan of both their EP releases under Tough Love Records. Such a shame, i shall play Whisky and Water when i get home and shed a tear (inside) I might even jump up to their last London gig supporting label mates William on 1st May at The Lexington. Maybe you should come along to....

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Super Tennis - Super Tennis Theme Song

Very Tennis Related...i like in a fun Good Shoes kind of way (that isn't a comparison in sounds, just levels) . Catch them at Puregroove 1st May! Super Tennis

Friday, 17 April 2009

Jeffrey Lewis..

Renewing my love affair with Jeffrey Lewis lol, watch some video!

Monday, 13 April 2009

Offical Secrets Act...In Milton Keynes...

The first gig i have been to in Milton Keynes (aside from nights i promote) since The Victorian English Gentlemens Club in 2004-odd! I went down to The Pitz (mecca for the underaged/metal community in MK) and caught one of my favourite bands at the moment The Official Secrets Act. So nice having this kind of gig on my front door!

Caught Northamptons New Cassettes playing main support just before the headliners. I belive this band have been kicking about for 30 odd years and regardless of how many times i have seen them (and them being written off by many 'in the know' around 2005) they are still a great live band and alot of their new material is very good - Huey Lewis in particular. Some of the old classics like Hearts Don't Beat Right, Recover/Retreat and You Won't Stop are still sounding pretty good now but to be honest alot of the new stuff really did impress. Album on the way, a track on The Inbetweeners tv show...good luck to them!

Sooo to the headliners! Unlike when they played my night a few months ago they were back up to full strength, as drummer Alex MacKenzie has recovered from injuries suffered after a road accident in Feb. Since the gig at Club KKBB (Plug #1 this month) the band have also released album Understanding Electricity, which has fast become one of my favourite releases this year (i celebrated this fact by not writing any sort of reveiw...was too busy) So in front of a respectable audience of about 70 people the band ripped through the likes of So Tomorrow, Victoria and a really good rendition of Mainstream. When comparing tonights performance with the first time i saw the band at Artrocker Festival in 2007 it is clear they have become more comfortable on stage and as a result are now a more interesting band to watch. The band ended with the fantastic Girl From The BBC to close a very enjoyable gig, i hope there is more to come both the band and the venue (Metal is shit afterall)

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Camden Crawl...The bargain of the century...

Great news that Camden Crawl is being sponsored by Gaymers cider! With all that sponsorship money i bet that ticket will be right down to £30 odd quid this year...oh yeh i can't wait! That's the best thing about London, you can see all these great bands and you hardly pay anythi..WHAT THE FUCK! £59.21 A TICKET!

I dunno if it is spiraling costs or just pure greed but i shall not be attending for that money! Plus the whole 'day festival' idea is a bit like Communism, in theory its pretty wicked but in reality it is just a bit shit. Can't move venues to 'catch another band' cos the next venue down is rammed so you have to pick your one or two venues and like the bill or lump it! Plus how many of these bands can you see for next to nothing anyother week in London?

I had an alright time at Great Escape last year and caught some cool bands but are they really worth the money when you see 6 or 7 odd bands over two days?

I think not...

Plus Gaymers is shit cider!